2010 Cup of Berlin (CD 15.10/19.11.2010) Announcement

Ausschreibungen der Saison 2010/2011.
2010/2011 season's announcements.
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2010 Cup of Berlin (CD 15.10/19.11.2010) Announcement

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Cup of Berlin
5th International Synchronized Skating Competition for Junior- and Senior Teams
and Interclub Competition for Basic and Advanced Novice Teams
January 13-15, 2011
Berlin, Germany

Official Homepage: http://www.cup-of-berlin.com/

Announcement: http://www.eislauf-union.de/CoB/CoB2011 ... n-2011.pdf

Preliminary Entry Form: http://www.eislauf-union.de/CoB/CoB2011 ... ntries.doc

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?t=4657

Deadline for Preliminary Entry Form: October, 15th 2010

Entries for Teams, nominated Judges, Coaches, Team Leaders and Team Managers must be made only by the respective Members on the enclosed Official Forms and must reach the organizer not later than November 19th, 2010

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